Twitter Adds Photo Galleries To User Profile

September 5, 2011 by: 0

You can now add spice to the 140-character micro-blogging website by displaying your photos. We are talking about the Twitter photo galleries. This move seems to be a silent step to compete with Facebook and the newly launched Google+ websites.

Enhance Twitter Profile with Image Galleries

Uploading images to Twitter photo galleries is simple. Create an album on a third party image-sharing website like TwitPic, Twitdom, Instagram or yFrog and other services that are compatible with Twitter. Once you finish uploading pictures on any of these websites, post it on Twitter. You will then see all your images featured on your profile in Twitter.

If you have tweeted 100 or more images, Twitter’s photo sharing service consider the most recent 100 images and display them on your Twitter profile image gallery. Your images will be open for public viewing.

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How to View Twitter Image Gallery Photos

When you click on any Twitter profile, the image gallery is visible right below the tweet bar. You can see all photos by clicking on the view all images button for a grid view or detailed view of all photos. This feature is now a favorite among Twitter users as well as celebrities who wish to keep in touch with their fans by updating recent pictures.

How to Remove Pictures from Twitter Image Gallery

Do not worry; you need not delete images from the third party service to remove them from Twitter. Simply delete the tweets that contain these images and you can remove your photos from Twitter’s image gallery within seconds. What if someone copy pastes your image on his or her Twitter gallery? Again, there is no need to sweat. Twitter’s image galleries do not display such copy-pasted images. Hence, re-tweeted images will not appear in other’s image galleries on this micro-blog.

 Rolling out Twitter’s image galleries is an interesting and good move by the company. It now has most of the features that users want in a social networking website. Moreover, it takes much less time and effort to upload images and tweet 140 characters on Twitter than elsewhere. Of course, sometimes, few images may seem blank due to server overload. Yet, it is a quicker way to browse new pictures than search among several albums as on Facebook. These major improvements are sure to attract users to spend more time on Twitter without the 140-character restriction.

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