Twitter Launches Advertising Blog, Twitter Account

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There seems to be a constant competition among the social media websites to attract the highest page traffic, advertisers and businesses. While Facebook is launching new updates and ad formats frequently, Twitter is not far behind too. After the popular promoted tweets advertising service, Twitter now launches its advertising blog and Twitter feed to concentrate and increase commitment towards online marketing, promotions and advertising.

Twitter advertising blog and Twitter feeds will notify Twitter advertisers about latest updates within the organization. Promoted Tweets had a high and positive performance in the market and Twitter hopes to see the same for its new advertizing blog.

twitter advertising blog

Twitter’s Six Year Journey

Twitter was born six years ago. It came across as the first micro-blog for both advertisers and publishers. This social media website came with a 140-character limit. With time, it has steadily grown with several new products, services and third party applications.

Many market research analysts thought Twitter’s progress was somewhat slow in comparison to other big names in social media. However, recent updates such as adding more languages, introducing new blogs and services, display the commitment and dedication of the microblog towards brand building, promotions and advertising.

Twitter Ads and Advertising

We all know that Twitter has millions of users. The lesser-known fact is about Twitter’s revenue that now reached nearly $140 million and growing towards $150 million. Soon, by next two years, Twitter’s global revenue expectation is no less than $400 million. The latest Twitter advertising blog will contain conversations about future advertising prospects.

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The launch of Twitter advertising blog aims to sell ads to millions of its users. Now that Twitter launches its own advertising blog and account, will it allow third party advertising to continue on its micro blog? Right now, Twitter does not allow any other advertisements apart from the official Twitter ads.

twitter ads

Over the span of six years, Twitter introduced many services like Trends, analytic tools, search, Sponsored Tweets, Promoted accounts and more. For attracting regular users and publishers, it added photo and video uploads and new language support. From initial few brands, Twitter now promotes more than 1500 brands.

Even online marketing professionals seek Twitter to promote their products and attract customers. Hence, Twitter’s new advertising blog may have a promising future since it aims to include conversations about best advertising practices, company updates and more. Follow TwitterAds to know the latest information about Twitter’s products today.

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