Use Swiffy to Turn Your Flash SWF Files into HTML5

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If you are a Web designer or Flash developer, this is a must read article for you. The latest news of Flash being dead on the mobile devices might have faded your innovation, as you are now stuck on how to convert those flash animations into a mobile-friendly format. Generally, there are several iOS devices that do not support Flash files.

Okay, not dragging this discussion any further, there is good news for you. You can now make your Flash files appear on the mobile devices by converting them into HTML5 files. This conversion is the perfect solution to the animation display problem. So, now the question arises how do you perform this conversion?

Which is that Savior Tool

Google’s Swiffy! Yes, Google Labs have recently released a creative Web tool called Swiffy that enables the developers to transform Flash animations into HTML5 files just on a button click. As a result, the developers will now be able to create Flash ads as well as ActionScript commands that will be available on devices that are not Flash friendly such as iPad and iPhone. In short, the unusable flashy elements will now become usable. Overall, Swiffy assures the Website owners, publishers, developers, and the designers that the flash videos and games will now be accessible on all mobile platforms.

Why Swiffy was Released

It was released to extinguish the fueled debate on Flash-Vs-HTML5 after Apple decided to make their iPads stay away from Flash. However, Google was impartial enough to show its affection towards Flash without neglecting HTML5.

Moreover, since a few years, it has been a tough time for the designers to ensure that their dynamic displays are viewable on all devices as well as by all consumers. For example, to ensure this, they even had to create the duplicate versions of their dynamic content, one in HTML5 and another in Flash, so that the viewing experience remains consistent irrespective of the platform.

Steps to Use the Savior Swiffy

Quite simple! First, go to after which you get a clear idea of how to proceed. Believe me; it’s quite straightforward. Second, select the check box indicating that you will not utilize this tool for copyright violations. Third, click the Choose File button for uploading your file for conversion. Now, you will see a preview and a link to the converted HTML5 file in a few seconds. Lastly, you need to click this link and download the file. However, ensure that you do so within 15 minutes or else the link will vanish. Isn’t it so simple?

Before you go for this conversion, you might wish to go through the FAQ page to find answers to all your questions and the Gallery page for comparing the actual Flash files with the transformed HTML5 versions. In a nutshell, Swiffy aims at saving time and efforts without the need of knowing HTML5.

What Swiffy Cannot Do

• Transform DoubleClick Studio creatives.
• Generate HTML5 files for browsers except for the Webkit ones like Chrome and Safari.
• Deal with SWF files bigger than 1024MB.

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