WordPress 3.3: The 15 Most Important New Features

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WordPress was launched as a blogging tool and now it has evolved into a web publishing platform. Here we discuss the features of WordPress 3.3 which will be launched by the end of November.

WordPress 3.0 incorporated certain important functionalities such as built-in multisite mode and custom post types. WordPress 3.3 is packed with many new features. It will definitely have an effective impact in the designing industry.

WordPress 3.3

The new features are added to give a pleasant user experience to not only those who create WordPress websites but to every user.

New Features In WordPress 3.3

A New Design Of Admin Bar

The admin bar is designed again. It incorporates many strategic enhancements.

The links or elements are less in number. The appearance menu and search box are removed from the admin bar. User menu is shifted to its right side, much like in the user bar of Google.

Admin Bar in wordpress 3.3

Admin bar is more darker and looks more prominent now.

Changes in Help Section

Earlier, ‘Help’ link was placed at the corner of admin bar. It was not easy to locate it because of its improper position. Now WordPress has made it more prominent by placing it in the center of admin bar.

Help Section in wordpress 3.3

Click on it. It will display a redesigned help area with easy readability and tabbed navigation. The developers can create personalized help docs for their clients by adding their support documentation in admin.

A New WordPress Menu

New menu is added that is represented by a ‘W’ icon. The menu has links to license info, credits, support forums, documentation and ‘About WordPress’ screen.

WordPress 3.3 Menu

New Tooltips

This feature can be a little annoying but quite useful for many developers. A pop up window for tooltips will be displayed that guides the users about the features of WordPress. This will appear as soon as you upgrade the new version of WordPress.

New Tooltips in wordpress 3.3

Developers can add their feature tours by using the popups. This feature is quite useful for plugin and theme authors.

Yoast Using New Tooltips

Yoast Tooltips for wordpress 3.3

Yoast is a plugin developer who updated his SEO plugin of WordPress to add these tooltips.

Flyout Menus

Flyout Menus in wordpress 3.3

When you work in WordPress for long, the dashboard becomes quite click-heavy. While using sub-menu link, a click is saved by these flyout menus. Flyout menus give a better visual experience.

An Advanced Media Uploader

This feature is eagerly awaited by the users. The advanced media uploader allows you to take the media uploads such as PDFs and images from the desktop to the WordPress.

Media Uploader in wordpress 3.3

The uploader does not depend upon Flash. File uploading is supported over various platforms by using HTML5 & Silverlight technology.

Children Themes

Children themes can now be installed in WordPress 3.3 which is not available in the existing version of WordPress.

Adaptive Desk

Though WordPress has an excellent dashboard but it was not compatible with various touch devices or screen configurations.

Adaptive Desk  in wordpress 3.3

It now has an adaptive desktop. Your device configuration/screen will be recognized by admin area. It offers a version based on these factors which fits in usage modes, functionalities and appearance.

Language Packages

Another unique feature of the new version is that the language of the interface can be changed including plugins and themes. This can be done with the help of a language installer.

Language Packages in wordpress 3.3

Permanent widgets

Sometimes while changing a theme, the widgets which were already organized disappear. This issue is resolved in WordPress 3.3. When you change the theme, the widgets will stay with you. These can be located in the sidebar.

Responsive Layout

Layout in wordpress 3.3

WordPress 3.3 has a responsive layout. Its left side menu adjusts with small screens.

Postname Permalinks

Earlier, /%postname%/ was set as a custom permalink. WordPress has fixed the performance issues. The sites which have many pages and posts should use this feature.

Postname Permalinks

jQuery 1.7 & jQuery UI 1.8.16

jQuery 1.7 in wordpress 3.3

WordPress 3.3 has incorporated an updated jQuery and a jQuery UI 1.8.16.

WordPress Editor API

Post editor can be customized by the plugin developers. You can also customize TinyMCE buttons. Editors can also be added.

Do you know of any other feature of WordPress 3.3? Share with us.

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